• The Future of Healthcare and Telemedicine

    Telemedicine is a combination of technology and healthcare that allows medical professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients through virtual interactions. Due to the pandemic, it is fast becoming a new standard of healthcare for many individuals. The Remmie device is leading the charge on addressing people's healthcare needs while being safe.
  • Uplifting Women Through Vending Machines: Speaking With Gender Vender Co-Founder, Leah Shin

    Check out Gender Vener's unique box packages of 100% women-made products
  • How To Reduce Winter Sickness Stress

    Remmie's brand-new healthcare device is the perfect personal healthcare tool to help reduce or prepare, or prevent yourself from getting the many common winter illnesses.
  • Rule Out the Possibility Of Having Strep Throat With Remmie

    "Does my child have strep throat?" is a common question that nurses, doctors, and parents have when we take our kids into a doctor’s office with common cold symptoms.
  • How To Stay Healthy Without Risky Doctor Visits

    With people wanting to continue staying healthy, they are presented a serious dilemma, with in-person doctor visits. But by using the new Remmie device, you can get the healthcare you desire without having to leave your home.
  • My 3-Part Story Of My Son's Battle With Ear Infections (Part 3)

    We were being extra careful all along in terms of hygiene — in fact probably more careful than most families. We were on top of vaccines. We had a cleaner on a weekly basis, had healthy food, and stayed active as a family. In fact, he was in one of the best preschools in the area and we paid quite a lot for tuition. Still, these conditions, common cold, ear infection, hand-foot-mouth diseases, seemed unavoidable in the first year for any kids starting childcare.
  • Be Proactive For Flu Season Now To Save Time, Money, And Stress Later

    For parents of young children and teens flu season can be stressful, and with the added 'bonus' of a pandemic this year, it has not made times any easier.
  • 2020 School Year: Being Forced To Drive When You Don't Know How

    It’s just the first couple of days of the new school year. I can think of so many analogies to describe the unfortunate events happening so fast in a sequence, one leading to another, to pile on the frustration and anxiety with virtual learning. It’s like being on a racing course without knowing how to drive yet, or thrown out of a plane with a parachute on the back, except I have no idea how to open it.
  • My 3-Part Story Of My Son's Battle With Ear Infections (Part 2)

    He was born a small baby and now barely at 10% of the weight percentile compared to kids his age.
  • My 3-Part Story Of My Son's Battle With Ear Infections (Part 1)

    It’s 3 am, and my 2-yr-old son woke up again, crying with a fever while tugging his ear. This was just one of many sleepless nights after I started sending him to childcare. This happened to coincide with the time that I started a high-stress job. After speaking with many parents, I decided to share my story as I realized I wasn’t alone. I learned to deal with the misdiagnosis, antibiotic allergy and resistance, rejection of the second opinion, fear of getting an ear tube, and an emergency Rocephin injection to curtail his fever… and I’m sharing so you don’t have to.

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  • An Early Survivor: My COVID-19 Story

    Hi, my name is Hera, a Master student recently graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle and an early survivor of the virus. I hope sharing my experience will convince you to be cautious and protect yourself and others.