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Why Ear Infections Should Be On Every Parent's Radar

by Remmie Health 24 Nov 2020 0 Comments

This generation’s parents have been tasked with one of the toughest challenges during our pandemic, the role of vigilantly supervising their child’s hygiene. Once ordinary childhood habits of face touching, nose picking and thumb sucking are now panic triggers for parents across the nation. While navigating this year’s remaining high-wire health stress, it’s important to stay informed and prepared for the winter season’s usual sickness suspects. 

One of the most common child-prone diseases unleashed during the colder months are middle ear infections. Fancily named “Otitis Media”, these infections result in more than 3 million annual cases and affect more than 80 percent of children younger than 3. Abridgedly, this spectrum of sickness involves the middle ear’s inflammation or infection and is categorized under two outcomes. Firstly, Acute otitis media (AOM) is an ear infection that occurs abruptly with sudden swelling and redness, often developing into fevers and increased ear pain. Secondly, otitis media with effusion (OME) is a prolonged accumulation of fluid and mucus in the ear after an initial infection passes, often damaging the patient's hearing.

These infections are often the result of other winter illnesses like cold, flu sinus infections or allergies and their congestive meddlings. For children with developing immune systems, contraction of these preliminary ailments and possibility for chronic developments are more likely. Resilient infections, recurring flare-ups and neglected treatment can result in surgical procedures involving inserted ear tubes to ventilate the middle ear and stop fluid buildup. This extreme procedure is called a myringotomy; potential complications can cause permanent hearing damage and speech development issues.

Thankfully, with the help of Remmie’s new ear-nose-throat monitor, constant sleepless nights of supercharged child-care and excessive health stress can be prevented. With a heavy reliance on ear canal monitoring for ear infection treatment, Remmie’s otoscope can help parents stay attentive to their child’s symptoms. High definition images captured by the device’s camera can display enhanced areas of inflammation for more accurate diagnoses and treatment trajectories. With an accompanying app to remove the hassle of in-person doctor visits, parents can connect with physicians 24/7 for high-speed professional advice and input. Keep your family and household safe with this remote alternative to risky doctor visits. Remmie is here just in time to stop you from spinning out into full blown helicopter parent mode during this flu season and to cut back on extended parental exhaustion.


Editor: Dean Sekol

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