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Going Green with Telemedicine

by Remmie Health 18 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Healthcare is one of America's largest industries, centered in hospitals across the country. Unfortunately, most people don't have the luxury of living within walking distance, which leads to most patients driving to see their local doctor. The industry is ever-evolving with more options every day for consumers to choose from. Climate change is harmful to human health with side effects, including malnutrition, disease due to natural disasters, and uncontrolled mass migration. This should raise the industry leaders' attention to make Telemedicine an essential focus in taking the industry to the next step.




We All Can Win



With high-quality healthcare becoming more affordable, it is also becoming more specialized. This causes many small doctors' offices and hospitals to close and more specialized practices to open. This can also inconvenience patients with increased distances to get the care they require. Although not all care can be delivered via Telemedicine, the ones that can offer to save patients time, money, and stress while allowing doctors to schedule out their day better (due to less late patients) and increase revenue. Not only do both parties benefit from the relationship, but even mother nature is allowed to take a deep clean breath since no transportation is needed.




Do Something For You and Mother Nature. 



Housing a patient in hospitals and waiting rooms are also not very energy efficient. A study conducted in Germany found that to house one patient in bed used the same energy as two standard modern homes. Telemedicine services allow the doctor to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, which will enable them to avoid the high energy costs of housing such patients. For illnesses that require a lot of monitoring, Telemedicine shows its strength. Patients who find themselves having to make constant trips to the doctors for simple checkups on infections or illnesses can now do so from the comfort of their own home. Remmie users significantly benefit here. They can visualize and track symptoms with a professional from the comfort of their own home and without having to make the occasional long drive to see a doctor for a visit that might not be needed. It gives the user the freedom to access their healthcare on their schedule, not the 30-minute widow open at the doctor's office. It even offers users the comfort of knowing that you're not only doing something for yourself, but for the world around you.





Editor: Matthew Hobbs

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