• Reducing trips to the doctor's office

  • Have your family examined and prescribed for at home 24/7

Reducing trips to the doctor's office

Have your family examined and prescribed for at home 24/7 Get Started

Meet The Remmie Home Ear Monitor / Camera & App

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How it works

Guided examination at home

Patients use the Remmie Connected Home Ear Monitor Camera/ Otoscope and App to capture symptom images and video

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Connect for virtual care

Connect through Remmie App's referral to our partner service providers for board-certified physicians in all 50 states, 24/7, or your existing telehealth network to share symptoms


Receive prescription

Our partner service providers will send prescriptions to your home pharmacy for pickup

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Why Remmie

Save time & money

Remmie Home Ear Monitor Camera / Otoscope can help you avoid unnecessary and costly in-person visits, average ER $1,474 or urgent care average of $100 with additional "indirect" costs.

Easy to visualize

Real-time symptom visualization for ear and upper respiratory conditions

Built-in telehealth referral

Share your symptoms with a professional immediately and securely

Monitor and track

Track recovery after a clinic visit

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Product Features

From the convenience of home, Remmie’s FDA registered hand-held Remmie Home Ear Monitor Camera / Otoscope, enables users to connect to a doctor who performs examination of ears, nose and throat. Vital for diagnosing and prescribing for common acuities and chronic conditions.

24/7 On-Demand with a Doctor: Download the free Remmie Health app for iOS and Android devices. Perfect for sharing symptoms with your doctor at virtual appointments. The app refers you to board-certified clinicians available 24/7 on our telehealth partners (CareClix, MyTelemedicine, and PM Pediatrics), allowing you to share your symptoms and receive medical treatment from the comfort of your home.

Safety Features: If you are looking for a safe and effective solution to monitor your health, the Remmie remote digital ear, nose, and throat Otoscope camera monitor with LED light is the right choice! It features an ultra-slim camera tip, a soft disposable specula that locks in place for soft touch and prevents loose fitting, and an ergonomic design for safe use at home. The digital otoscope allows you to perform ear, nose, and throat checkups and share symptoms to a telehealth doctor immediately.

Smart Connectivity: What makes this digital otoscope unique is the fact that through our telehealth partners, you can connect with professional clinicians throughout the U.S, 24/ and share symptoms, the inspection process, and receive the necessary medical treatment from the comfort of your home!! The Remmie wireless otoscope supports Wifi connectivity and is compatible with most iOS and Android operating systems.

Innovative Design: The Remmie otoscope camera stands out with a unique dolphin structure and it features a safe hold recommended by pediatricians to ensure safe and comfortable use for people at home and prevent the risk of ear damage or inadequate use. The Remmie digital otoscope is compliant with FDA requirements and is a registered class 1 medical device which can provide the tested accurate image of your symptoms to a doctor.

High-Quality Image: Our professional digital otoscope with an LED light is designed with a 3.7mm camera diameter and HD sensor resolution to deliver a crystal clear image. The 80-degree field of view ensures a wide view angle while the light helps you check for an infection while providing a live image with excellent clarity.

Multipurpose Use: This wireless otoscope is very easy to handle and safe to operate at home, allowing you to explore the ear canal, throat, or nose making sure everything is in order. It is safe to use on babies, infants, kids, and adults.

ENT Symptoms:
 ear checker for ear infections, pinkeye, Sinusitis, common cold, pharyngitis, strep throat, hand-foot-mouth disease

The Remmie Health App

Free Remmie App used with the Remmie Ear Monitor and Otoscope for visualizing symptoms and connecting with care 24/7

Easily Setup, Download, Upload, and Share Symptoms with Your Doctors Through the Remmie Mobile App

Remmie App supports Primary Care, Pediatrics, and ENT telemedicine by connecting patients and professional healthcare providers 24/7. With user-friendly interfaces, Remmie App enables at-home diagnosis, symptoms monitoring & tracking, monthly subscriptions for telemedicine providers, especially otoscope for ear health screening online.

Built for Peace of Mind

Our Mission: empower family health and improve telemedicine

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Target Symptoms

Ear, nose, throat

Earache, pink eye, stuffy nose

Common cold-flu

Sinusitis, common cold, respiratory discomfort

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Allergy concerns

Sore throat, rash, runny nose

Our Technologies

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Is your family suffering from an ear nose or throat ailment? You are not alone


Built-in Telemedicine

Reaching doctors directly and instantly with symptoms in-hand

Symptom Tracking

Monitor symptoms and recovery pre- and post-visit; Save time and cost from unnecessary visits

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AI diagnostics (Coming Soon)

Enhance doctor’s diagnosis through visual processing

By Parents, For Families

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"Patients are looking for convenient, affordable, and excellent medical care, and Remmie has the potential to bridge gaps in the diagnosis of an ear infection virtually all in the comfort of the patient’s home."

Dr. Stella Evans, Pediatrician

Remmie should be in every family's medicine cabinet. This product will be a lifesaver for parents

Kristen Duffy, Parent of 2

As a parent of 3 kids who were colicky, this product would solve so many of those unknown questions. Parents become nurses as soon as they have kids and would be competent enough to try an otoscope.

Walt S., Parent of 3