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Visualize and Connect to Health

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Our Story

Our Mission: empower family health and improve telemedicine

Target Symptoms

Real time symptom visualization of ear, nose, and throat

Our Technologies

Is your child suffering from an ear nose or throat ailment?


Built-in Telemedicine

Reaching doctors directly and instantly with symptoms in-hand

Symptom Tracking

Monitor symptoms and recovery pre- and post-visit; Save time and cost from unnecessary visits

AI diagnostics (Coming Soon)

Enhance doctor’s diagnosis through visual processing

By Parents, For Parents

Hospitals and Institutions We Work With

"Patients are looking for convenient, affordable, and excellent medical care, and Remmie has the potential to bridge gaps in the diagnosis of an ear infection virtually all in the comfort of the patient’s home."


Remmie should be in every family's medicine cabinet. This product will be a lifesaver for parents

Kristen Duffy, Parent of 2

As a parent of 3 kids who were colicky, this product would solve so many of those unknown questions. Parents become nurses as soon as they have kids and would be competent enough to try an otoscope.

Walt S., Parent of 3