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Who We Are

Here at Remmie, we help families play a more active role in their health and transform primary care by putting digital tools into their hands. We use technology to target the #1 reason children go to the doctors office... ear, nose and throat symptoms.

We are passionate about empowering families to evaluate these symptoms at home, and providing telemedicine doctors with a precise view of their patients’ symptoms and improving diagnostic accuracy.

Remmie Health offers AI-powered ear-nose-throat (ENT) solutions to minimize unnecessary doctor visits and improve access to ENT specialists or accurate diagnosis. With a family digital otoscope and a telehealth-enabling app, users are guided by AI to record ENT medical history at home, stream real-time physical findings and examinations to telemedicine services, and receive clinical insights and prescriptions. In the future, providers will be supported by Remmie AI-powered diagnosis aid. This not only empowers individuals in managing their health but also aids telemedicine providers in accurate diagnostics, transforming primary care by bridging digital technology and healthcare.

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Our Story

It all started when Jane (our founder)’s son had an ear infection soon after starting child care. After a long year with four infections and an especially stubborn episode that lasted 40 days, Jane decided to do something about it...


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Our Team


Jane Zhang. Ph.D./MBA

 Founder & CEO

Jane Zhang founded Remmie when her young son suffered from recurring ear infections. Jane has 15 years of experience in healthcare product R&D and operations including in Becton Dickinson and Amgen. She is the an Affiliate Assistant Professor with University of Washington in biomedical diagnostic technologies. Jane has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and MBA from UCLA.


Lorren Wyatt


Lorren has a wealth of seasoned business experience in senior corporate roles which included:Johnson & Johnson for Total Quality across manufacturing sites for Consumer products, Prosthetic devices and Hospital wound management. AVCO Financial Services (a US Textron owned company) where he was VP Quality and Britannic Insurance, UK FTSE 100 Plc corporation where Lorren was a Main Board Director responsible for sales delivery.

Elijah Tsai


Elijah Tsai is a product and project management visionary with 15+ years’ progressive experience in product strategy & engineering for 700+ top products, defining roadmaps, leading cradle-to-grave product life cycle management, and driving top-performing teams. He is renowned for his bottom-line at impact: He played a critical role in Linksys becoming #1 with a 50%+ worldwide market-share and $1B+ in annual revenue.


Sumedha Mongia, MD/MBA

Business Development

Dr. Sumedha Mongia is a pioneering healthcare leader with extensive experience in pediatric and public health. As co-founder and former CEO of WellUp Health, she spearheaded innovations in children's health data management and improved early detection and care. Her strategic expertise and MBA in healthcare fuel her ongoing commitment to enhancing global health outcomes through technology and strategic partnerships.


Jasmine Kim, MBA


Jasmine specializes in expediting growth for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. As an accomplished marketing executive, she has built and scaled powerful marketing and brand-building platforms with a track record of delivering results for consumer-facing Health & Wellness and Digital Brands, as Chief Marketing and VP of Growth within startups (ShopWell, Yahoo, HLB, BabyCenter), and innovating new businesses within large organizations (Sutter Health, Walmart, Expedia).

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Jason Owen, MBA


Jason Owen is the founder and CEO of Smushy Dushy Studios LLC and a Senior Faculty Advisor at UCLA Anderson School of Management. An expert in product management within the technology and educational sectors, he excels in innovating learning experiences and mentoring startups. His leadership style emphasizes market opportunity identification and strategic product development, aiming to nurture entrepreneurial talent and drive business growth.

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Sunill Ummat, MD/MBA


Dr. Sunil Ummat, an Otolaryngologist at the University of Washington Medical Center - Northwest Campus, combines his expertise in head and neck surgery with a passion for medical innovation. Holding an MD and an MBA, he mentors medical startups, focusing on product development and regulatory strategies. His work significantly enhances patient care and medical education, drawing on his education from Dalhousie University and the University of Washington, alongside entrepreneurship training from Harvard Business School.

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Mick Connors, MD


Dr. Michael Connors is a Pediatric Emergency Physician who founded Anytime Pediatrics and Anytime Healthcare to expand access to on-demand pediatric care. As Chairman of the Institute for Pediatric Innovation, he strives to eliminate the digital divide in children's healthcare. His leadership at Connecticut Children's Medical Center and Pediatric Analgesia & Sedation Specialists has significantly improved service delivery and patient outcomes. Dr. Connors continues to champion the integration of advanced digital technologies in pediatric healthcare.


Tong Sun, LLM


Tong Sun is a skilled Product Manager with expertise across logistics, compliance, and investment sectors. Fluent in Chinese and English, he holds certifications in AWS Cloud and AI, showcasing his tech proficiency. His work at Amazon, involving scaling services and leading international logistics integrations, has notably improved operational efficiencies and facilitated market growth. Tong’s ability to manage complex legal and regulatory challenges positions him as a key strategist for organizational development.


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Remmie could be a part of any parent's first aid kit at home.
Dr. Henry Wu (Pediatrician)

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Remmie is going to redue ear tube surgery and prevent ear infections.
Dr. Babak Larian (Otolaryngologist)

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Remmie bridges that gap.
Dr. Jinsy Jacob (Pediatrician)

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A groundbreaking product.
Dr. Stella Evans (Pediatrician)

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