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Remmie Signs Agreement with CareClix, a Top Telemedicine Company

by Remmie Health 09 Jun 2022
[Seattle, WA, May 10th, 2021] Remmie Health, a Seattle-based healthcare technology company that builds remote solutions for ear-nose-throat homecare, has announced today (May 10th, 2021) that it has signed an agreement with CareClix, the nation’s leading telemedicine software company which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CareClix Holdings, Inc. (formerly Solei Systems Inc), a publicly-traded company (OTC: SOLI). Under the agreement, Remmie Health selected CareClix as its primary telemedicine service provider in its own application (“Remmie”) to connect patients and doctors safely at home. 
Remmie Health expects to provide reliable telemedicine services to its customers by utilizing CareClix services. The agreement between Remmie Health and CareClix benefits customers of both sides by increasing medical accessibilities, reducing healthcare costs, and improving the patients’ experience with telemedicine.
“This agreement with CareClix will become a huge leap for combining our Remmie monitor device with reliable telemedicine service to increase virtual care accessibility, including homes and low-resource settings, especially since CareClix’ services reach all 50 US states and 30 countries,said Jane Zhang, the CEO of Remmie Health. 
Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, CareClix was founded by board-certified physicians and brings primary, specialty, and subspecialty care physicians to deliver expert telemedicine services in almost every field of medicine, clinical care, or diagnostics.
“Remmie is an innovation which we see would benefit a great number of families. Both Remmie and CareClix customers can benefit from an enriched telemedicine experience because Remmie will enable patients to clearly communicate ENT symptoms, said Dr, John Korangy, M.D., the CEO of CareClix.
About Remmie Health
Take Charge of Your Personal Health
Here at Remmie, we help users play a more active role in their health and transform primary care by putting digital tools into their hands. We use technology to target one of the most common reasons patients visit the doctor's office: Ear, Nose, and Throat symptoms.
We are passionate about empowering our users to evaluate these symptoms at home and providing telemedicine doctors with a precise view of their patient's symptoms and improving diagnostic accuracy.  We provide a two-part solution: an at-home digital monitor that allows users to visualize ENT (ear, nose, throat) symptoms, and an App that tracks symptoms, images, videos, and also includes a direct link to connect and share with a healthcare provider through telemedicine.
About CareClix
CareClix was founded by board-certified practicing physicians. With over 40 years of combined medical knowledge in the practice of medicine and telemedicine research, the founders are committed to providing their patients with superior quality healthcare anywhere, at any time — leading to the formation of CareClix.
CareClix is focused on providing software services in the rapidly growing virtual health industry. It has developed a suite of telemedicine technologies and services that are revolutionizing the way hospitals and clinical care settings operate by increasing the number of patients that doctors and caregivers can interact with.
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Remmie Health   
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