Remmie Dolphin Gen 2 Launch Countdown

Remmie Dolphin is on the Way!
You shared feedback, and we listened! We have sold out on the Gen 1 product, worked hard on iterating, and are gearing to launch a brand new product - the Remmie Dolphin!
With the same safe and ergonomic design and image quality, and much-enhanced functionality:
  • Internet-ready("RemmieOn"): the mobile device connected to the Remmie Dolphin monitor will stay connected to the Internet via Wifi
  • Real-time video and image sharing and tracking
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for your telemedicine platform, ie, you can stay on without adding or switching to another App
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Leverages home Wifi network
Thanks for your support all along. We are looking at about a 6-week lead time before rolling it out and would love to have you as a most valued early user. Use "RemmieDolphin" for 20% off for a pre-order, help us spread the news, or contact us for a demo!
(If you have purchased the Gen 1 product and would like to use the Remmie Dolphin, please reply to this email with your receipt of purchase, and we will be in touch with details of a customer appreciation program!)