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Remmie Named Finalist In the AWS Startup Competition

by Remmie Health 22 Dec 2020

[Seattle, WA, December 16, 2020] Remmie Health, Seattle’s startup for innovative family telemedicine solutions, announced that it was named a finalist in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) University Startup Competition. As one of the top finalists, Jane Zhang, the CEO, presented on Tuesday, December 16, the missions and visions of her business to a panel of investors and AWS Startup Team members at the virtual final round.  

The competition was intended to support university-affiliated entrepreneurs and startups with the opportunity to win a cash prize to help fund their ventures. The finalists also have a chance to improve their business strategies under the guidance of their mentor, who is an AWS startup specialist. Ten companies were selected as finalists among thousands of applicants.

Three winners will be chosen for up to $20,000 in cash prizes and $100,000 in AWS Activate credits. “We plan to spend 80% of the award on product upgrades for achieving our 2nd generation with improved connection and API,” explained Jane during her pitch. “20% of the fund for the marketing of potential reach of 7M and bringing Remmie to every family’s medicine cabinet.”

The judges included  Molly Fowler, CEO of Dorm Room Fund, Saba Karim, Global Startup Pipeline Manager at Techstars, and Joshua Aviv, CEO of SparkCharge.


Editor: Yijin Kim

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