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Remmie Health Welcomes Augustina Liu As New Director Of UX

by Remmie Health 13 Oct 2020

Remmie announced and welcomed Augustina as the new director of User Experience in charge of products' design systems and work on product upgrades. Augustina Liu joined Remmie Health in June this year as a user experience designer. During the past few months, she constructed the interface design of Remmie's website and app and improved product design to assist the launch of Remmie Monitor.

Inspired by her experience in volunteering and helping seniors to use modern electronic products, Augustina studied Human-Centered Design Engineering and gained a bachelor's degree from the University of Washington. To enhance user experience, Augustina aims to design technological products to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Her motto –– "Be meaningful and impactful to society," has motivated Augustina to join Remmie. She believes that working with Remmie moves the world one step forward in being a better place. By practicing telemedicine in family care, Remmie empowers parents to better take care of their child. This mission was injected into Remmie's logo by Augustina as well —  the bright orange color is energetic and promising as she explained, "As a medical product to families, orange colors will help Remmie to bring hopes and connect with its customers," Augustina added.

Since joining Remmie, Augustina has found that respect and trust are the company's fundamental values. "They trust my ability and skills. In such a startup company, I can take the ownership of my project, I can collaborate with people from different teams," said Augustina. "At Remmie, everyone can share ideas and figure out solutions for each other."

Augustina believes telemedicine is the future of medical care. She is currently working on a new product to make Remmie more versatile, even with the company recently launching its first product. "We will add more features not only to the Otoscope. I expect to debut the second generation of our monitor in near future." Augustina is now making her dream become a reality with Remmie.


Editor: Tianyuan Xie

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