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Remmie Health Sponsors And Participates In Female Firebrands Summit

by Remmie Health 15 Oct 2020

Remmie Health, an Ear-nose-throat telemedicine company, announced that it will have a virtual booth with its CEO, Jane Zhang, and live discussion at the Female Firebrands Summit, which is taking place virtually on October 22. The company offers a discount ticket for its website visitors as a thank you gift. Remmie Health will have a virtual booth to interact with the attendees, mostly mid-career and early career female professionals. All the Remmie booth visitors will be offered a discount for its brand new telemedicine product, Remmie monitor, at $89 -- the original price $149. 

The virtual summit was created by the Female Firebrands author and a mother, Mikaela Kiner, and her team to bring together a fierce group of diverse professional women to share how they overcome daily obstacles and stay resilient. It will be a place where audiences will get tips about ways to re-energize, feel more confident, and stand up for themselves and others. Every attendee will have full access to live summit sessions and a digital workbook. 

Who should attend? Mid-career and early career professionals who identify as women and are looking to get inspired.

October 22nd | 9AM - 1PM PST (recordings available)


Editor: Yijin Kim

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