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How To Avoid "Back to School Germs" During The Global Pandemic

by Remmie Health 09 Oct 2020
We all know with the current health crisis that some of the U.S. States are re-closing, working on opening up or already opened up into stage 3of the Corona Virus prevention plan. In Phase 3, the states are allowing children to go back to school right before the usual Fall cold and flu season. Some of those states include; Montana, Nevada, Florida, New Jersey, and Kansas, to name a few. Here are some tips on helping your little ones prevent picking up germs, spreading, and staying healthy throughout the Phase 3 solution during this Global pandemic.
a kid in class back to school
  1. Help encourage your children to wash their hands after using the restroom, before eating, after being around other kids who may have signs or symptoms of being sick.
  2. Teach your children to cough and sneeze while covering their nose and mouth.
  3. Though children LOVE to share, it is not always as caring during this global pandemic with the scare of COVID-19 floating around. Avoid letting your child/children share using their mouth, nose, and hands.
  4. Always have your child/children wear their mask in public to help prevent the spreading or receiving of any germs.
  5. Know when to keep your child/children home from school if they show any symptoms themselves of being sick.
  6. Make sure your child/children are getting plenty of rest and fluids throughout the day. Our bodies are natural healers.
  7. Give your children their daily vitamins to help them stay healthy.
  8. Consider getting your child/children their yearly flu shot to help prevent the viral spread of flu symptoms.
  9. Most importantly, try to be prepared as possible with Remmie Health's monitor, which connects you to an app.
As parents, we all want to stay up with date our child's health and needs. Remmie Health offers a great solution to help relieve your family stress by developing an otoscope that connects you to professional medical personnel for a faster and more affordable option for diagnosing your child's ear, nose, and throat symptoms. It is a simple and easy-to-use device that helps protect your child from coming into contact with any unnecessary germs by visiting a doctor's office, from the comfort of your home!
Remmie is made by parents, for parents. Share this fantastic gift with your friends and family to help prevent any germs from spreading this upcoming cold and flu season.
Editor: Jessi Connolly
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