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Remmie Health and PROPELL Announce Strategic Partnership

by Yikun Wang 17 Nov 2023

by Remmie Health November 5, 2023 

Melody Zhao, Marketing Specialist 

Remmie Health 

[Seattle, Washington, November 13, 2023] Remmie Health, a leader in AI-powered ear-nose-throat (ENT) diagnostic solutions, is excited to announce a partnership with PROPELL, the esteemed distributor of premier remote patient monitoring brands in Australia and New Zealand. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the enhancement of healthcare delivery through innovative technology. 

At the forefront of this collaboration is Remmie Health's commitment to reducing unnecessary doctor visits with its family-friendly digital otoscope and telehealth-enabling App, which allows for in-home ENT assessments and provides real-time data streaming capabilities for telemedicine services, coupled with AI-powered clinical insights. 

PROPELL, with its expertise in chronic disease monitoring and as the distributor of iHealth® Biofourmis™ and Wellysis, brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for healthcare technology. iHealth's pioneering work in consumer-friendly, mobile health devices offers individuals an active role in managing their health, recognized for producing the world's first iOS-connected blood pressure monitor. 

Adding a personal touch to the announcement, Jane Zhang, CEO of Remmie Health, shared her enthusiasm for the partnership: "Joining forces with PROPELL is a thrilling development for Remmie Health. This collaboration is a testament to our vision of making healthcare more accessible and efficient. We are proud to work alongside a partner that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence in patient care." 

This sentiment is echoed by the team at PROPELL, who are equally excited about the partnership's potential to streamline healthcare processes and improve patient outcomes across Australia and New Zealand. 


About Remmie Health:  

Remmie Health is redefining primary healthcare with its cutting-edge AI-powered ENT solutions, providing tools for at-home health ear-nose-throat assessments that support telemedicine and offer valuable clinical insights. 


About PROPELL:  

PROPELL is the distributor for leading remote patient monitoring brands in Australia and New Zealand, dedicated to improving the monitoring and management of chronic diseases through state-of-the-art health devices and integrated healthcare solutions. 

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