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Innovating Family Healthcare: Remmie Health Partners with Hint Health

by Yikun Wang 01 Dec 2023

hint health

Innovating Family Healthcare: Remmie Health Partners with Hint Health

Elevating health management with integrated at-home monitoring and seamless healthcare billing.

by Remmie Health November 01, 2023

Melody Zhao, Marketing Specialist

Remmie Health 

[November 01, 2023], [Seattle, WA] – At Remmie Health, we are driven by a mission to empower families to take an active role in their health. It's a mission that leads us to constant innovation, and today marks a significant milestone on this journey. We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Hint Health, the leading digital health company dedicated to supporting the growth and success of the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement


"Our alliance with Hint Health goes beyond business; it's about aligning with a vision that stands to revolutionize patient empowerment and healthcare experiences," says Jane Zhang, CEO of Remmie Health. "We are setting a new standard that is about much more than innovative technology—it's about transforming how families interact with healthcare systems."


Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Peace of Mind


The complexities of healthcare management have long added stress to family life. Remmie Health is excited to partner with Hint to offer Direct Primary Care practices an easy and convenient way to manage ear, nose and throat care for patients and their families.


Empowerment, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind


The partnership between Remmie Health and Hint Health is a commitment to enhance the healthcare experience by providing empowerment at your fingertips through guided health examinations without sacrificing quality or convenience. AI-enhanced, high-resolution imagery from Remmie brings clarity to symptom understanding while instant access to a network of physicians through the app ensures timely care.  Remmie is pleased to join the Hint Health Ecosystem of partners to offer Direct Care clinicians 


Forward Together


The partnership sets a new paradigm in healthcare delivery, guided by a shared commitment to improving family healthcare. 


"We are on a journey towards a future where health management is not just intuitive but also deeply compassionate,” saidconcludes Jane Zhang of Remmie Health, “We are not just offering tools—we are laying the groundwork for healthier family lives." 


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Remmie Health: Simplifying healthcare, one family at a time.

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