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The Future of Healthcare and Telemedicine

by Remmie Health 13 Oct 2020 0 Comments

With this year’s introduction of large scale remote regularity, our lives have become more digitally dependent as we conduct work, school, interactions and seek entertainment. While this transitional trajectory has accelerated during the pandemic pace, more and more facets of life are transforming towards pixelated proceedings. In miraculous relevance, significant strides in digitized healthcare have introduced safe alternatives to in-person doctor visits and have paved the way for limiting germ exposure.

Telemedicine is a combination of technology and healthcare that allows medical professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients through virtual interactions. With coordinated electronic communications, software and medical hardware, patients can monitor chronic conditions, receive medication management and schedule quick consultations from the safety of their homes. This industry has gradually evolved over the last decade to normalize this new approach to providing clinical services. However, with the context of COVID-19, these advancements have become more urgent for reducing the in-person appointment risks of contagiousness and disease contraction.

Large scale implementation of telemedicine options have yet to be achieved, but this year marks the accelerated blooming of its commonplace acceptance. In a new survey involving physicians this year, 79% reported an increased use of telemedicine technology during the pandemic and plan to regularly incorporate the digital approach (Jercich, 2020). Additionally, consumer adoption of telemedicine has risen from 11 percent in 2019 to 46 percent this year proving its perception as a satisfactory substitutional service (Bestsennyy, 2020). Prioritizing patient protection and preserving self-quarantine standards, telemedicine offers an ideal solution to reducing sickness stress as flu season approaches. These advancements stand to benefit patients of all generations, to match the varying vulnerability of different age groups in relation to the current virus. Additionally, in staying prepared for future disasters and pandemics, virtual visitations can prevent future overwhelment of healthcare facilities, workers and treatment supplies.

Leading the charge in telemedicine innovation, Remmie Health has designed a home-use otoscope for observing and tracking ear-nose-throat symptoms. Catering to patient convenience, the device can be used to scout signs of strep throat, flu, common cold and sinus infections with its captured HD pictures. Through an app extension,Remmie bridges the patient-physician gap with 24/7 consultation services for symptom tracking, follow ups, photo analysis and treatment instruction.

This on-the-spot clinical service removes the usual hassle of appointment wait-times and further cuts down risk of potential exposure. Remmie’s remedy of relief for the approaching flu season allows users to safely navigate their healthcare during this new normal of contagious consciousness. Saving time, stress, money and lives Remmie’s ENT gadget and app accessory are game-changing steps forward in telemedicine and can help you stay prepared for the worst.

Editor: Dean Sekol

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