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How To Stay Healthy Without Risky Doctor Visits

by Remmie Health 29 Sep 2020 0 Comments

With flu season on the horizon and COVIDs remaining wrath, regular doctor appointments now add more anxiety to this years dog-pile of distress. This collision of contagion could easily convert waiting rooms into petri dishes and medical facilities into microbial mine fields. Additionally with healthcare resources currently strained, winter’s impending flu surge could overwhelm many emergency departments and intensive care units.Thankfully, a remote remedy now exists to safely keep your loved ones' health monitored without the dangerous germ gamble of doctor visits.

Worry no more about yourself and your loved ones’ health with the help of Remmie’s revolutionary advancement in medical technology. Remmie is the first FDA-registered ear-nose-throat monitor designed especially for parents. Through an accompanying app, Remmie accurately measures and relays concerning symptoms to medical professionals for their review and distanced diagnosis.


The gadget’s multifaceted surveillance of concerning ear-nose-throat symptoms along with professional medical input can give parents the power to detect signs of ear infections, common colds, flu, sinusitis, allergies, pharyngitis, strep throat, sore throat, pink eye, hand-foot mouth disease, and some toothaches. This Swiss Army otoscope accurately scans the telltale areas of infection to prevent excessive stress over conflated virus indicators or misclassified sickness severity. It can also greatly speed up the process of disease distinction with 24/7 virtual doctor access, saving you remote relief and preventing the spread of your potential contagiousness. This safe new alternative to in-person appointments will greatly simplify the usual waiting process for symptom confirmation and will keep your family prepared for the long term threat of pandemic living.

With the remaining finish line limp of 2020 ahead, the year’s lasting lesson has been to prepare for the unpredictable. While the scale of winter’s bacterial blizzard may be uncertain, the likelihood of compounding viruses and increased contagiousness remains very predictable. Stay ready with Remmie for the upcoming seasons of sickness and help relieve yourself of overwhelming parental pressures. Check out these photos and videos below demonstrating the medical magic of Remmie's worry-be-gone wand and visit our website ( to become a trailblazing owner of this life saving device!

  Remmie Technology and How it Works                                                                                                                                           

Video demonstration link:

Editor: Dean Sekol

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