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How To Reduce Winter Sickness Stress

by Remmie Health 08 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Holiday Season HealthWith winter's long stretch of sunken temperatures and outdoor obstacles, it has always made perfect sense to hunker down indoors. Furthermore with the allure of a fireplace, a family and hot cup of cocoa, the indoors provides a warm sanctuary from the frigid weather. However, with the context of COVID’s continued curse, our cozy houses can quickly become contagious cocoons.
With extensive winter time spent trapped inside with others, viral and bacterial infections regularly become more prevalent in the mingled marination. With this impending stampede of sickness, it’s become vital to stay vigilant of usual signs of cold, flu or strep throat. Additionally, this supervision burden is often a parental pressure as families coop up together and children become ideal infection candidates.
Focusing on throat infections and soreness that primarily affect school-age kids and teens, parents have a lot of stress on their plate this year. Varying irritations in the throat could point to signs of a common cold, a developing flu or strep throat. Minute visual distinctions of irritations can also lead to misguided panic and decision uncertainty. The sickness scale ranges from trivial to severe with throat issues and differentiating between varying viruses can become difficult with crossover symptoms.
Thankfully, with Remmie, there now exists an ear-nose-throat healthcare device to simplify this stressful monitoring process. Remmie’s FDA-registered otoscope is an innovation in telemedicine that enables parents to easily examine their children’s vulnerable infection areas.
With the ability to capture high definition images and catalogue progressing symptoms, Remmie provides a new convenience to childcare. Through an accompanying app, parents are directly linked to medical professionals for quick treatment advice and 24/7 contact. This breakthrough invention provides a sustainable solution to help parents remotely navigate the annual germ gauntlet. Keep your family safely distanced with this handy dandy otoscope and spend winter prepared instead of anxiously dodging sneeze shrapnel in your blizzard bunker.
Editor: Dean Sekol
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