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How Telemedicine Can Give You More Patients And Lower Costs

by Remmie Health 22 Oct 2020 0 Comments


Pros of Telemedicine and how to give your patients better care
As a doctor, you always want to make sure that your patients receive the best care possible. It is essential to stay ahead, and having the latest tech can help lower the cost of healthcare, drive efficiency, boost revenue, and leave patients happy with the service. Consumers are valuing convenience more, and Telemedicine allows you to be there for your patients at a time that suits them best. By remote analysis and monitoring, you can significantly reduce the service cost while removing non-urgent ER visits. This allows the patients to make the best decision for themselves with your guidance.


Where Telemedicine is needed most 
When entering more rural areas of the United States, Telemedicine could be even more useful due to the scarcity of doctors’ offices. For example, out of 100,000 rural patients in the US, there are only 43 specialists there to help them. This is when being efficient, smart, and professional can make the difference between serving a community to the fullest and just offering the usual care. Telemedicine steps in here because it can link patients with the specialists they need immediately without seeing the doctor in person. Rural patients are not always used to feeling like their doctor is there by their side and on their team. Telemedicine offers doctors a way to give their rural patients the care they deserve, but is not always possible to receive.


Remmie is here to help
At Remmie, we took all of this into consideration when we made our otoscope. We wanted a way for patients to send a high-quality picture of their symptoms and connect with their doctor. With varying ear, throat, and mouth infections, it can be challenging as a patient to know whether to see a doctor in person and get a prescription or to fight it off at home with over the counter drugs. As doctors, we also know that you can spend a lot of time tending to patients who might not have needed the care and, on the scary side, patients who have waited too long to seek care. Remmie’s otoscope allows you to connect with your patient at a scheduled time and access their symptoms without seeing them in person. From this, you can serve more patients while giving them the care that they deserve efficiently. 


Editor: Matthew Hobbs

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