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Remmie Health Releases Remmie 3 - The Next Generation Intelligent Otoscope

by Remmie Health 02 Oct 2023

by Remmie Health October 1, 2023 

Melody Zhao, Content Marketing Specialist 

Remmie Health 

[Seattle, WA, October 1, 2023] Remmie Health, a front-runner in AI-powered telehealth technology for ear, nose, and throat care, proudly presents its next-generation FDA-Registered Intelligent Otoscope, Remmie 3. Building on the success and reliability of our previous model, the Remmie Dolphin, their latest innovation is set to redefine AI-powered technologies for ENT health. 

Earning endorsements from a growing number of healthcare professionals, the Remmie 3 is the culmination of meticulous design and technology, tailored to cater to diverse ENT needs spanning across all age groups. Elevating its prowess, the Remmie 3 integrates advanced AI. Empowered with AI, Remmie 3 goes beyond just visualizing. Its guided image capture expertly assists users in identifying and analyzing their eardrums, making it a pioneer in AI-assisted ENT care. 

Its standout features include a state-of-the-art digital examination tool meshed with an intuitive app. This synergy not only allows users to conduct in-depth ENT self-examinations from the comforts of their homes but also to share live video feeds with medical experts during telehealth consultations. Plus, the ability to capture and store these visuals provides a game-changing tool for ongoing health monitoring. 

Tackling many symptoms, from ear infections, sore throat, pink eye to sinusitis, common colds, and more, Remmie 3 is an important milestone towards the startup's mission to achieve the next generation of ENT care with easy, accessible diagnosis, timely intervention, and exceptional patient care, 24/7, in the clinic or anywhere. 

Remmie Health's vision is to use AI technology to reshape the ENT healthcare landscape, and with the Remmie 3, they are a step closer, now available at 

CEO Jane Zhang, PhD/MBA, says, “The Remmie 3 represents the next generation, AI-powered ear-nose-throat care. From remote examining and hybrid care of common ENT conditions, post-surgery followup, to unnecessary ED avoidance, we continue to advance care delivery with technologies to empower millions of home users and providers. 

About Remmie Health 

AI-powered ENT Health Solutions.

Here at Remmie, we help families and individuals play a more active role in their health and transform primary care by putting digital tools into their hands. We use technology to target the most common reason adults and children go to the doctor's office. ear, nose and throat symptoms. 

We are passionate about empowering home users to evaluate these symptoms at home and providing telemedicine doctors with a precise view of their patients’ symptoms and improving diagnostic accuracy.  We provide a two-part solution: an at-home digital monitor that allows families to visualize ENT (ear, nose, throat) symptoms, and an AI-powered App that tracks symptoms, images, videos, and includes a direct link to share with a healthcare provider through telemedicine.

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