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Remmie PRO to meet the critical needs of healthcare providers to deliver next generation of ear, nose, and throat care

by Remmie Health 01 Feb 2023

Giorgio Conta, Product Management
Remmie Health

Remmie PRO launch banner

[Seattle, WA, Jan 28, 2023] Demanded by healthcare providers, Remmie Health has launched Remmie® PRO.  Remmie PRO is a digital otoscope that delivers the next generation ear, nose, and throat care for easier, accessible diagnosis, timely intervention, and exceptional patient care, at clinics or from anywhere. For medically trained healthcare providers, Remmie PRO is easy to set up and simple to use, with just 3 steps on the Remmie PRO APP (Apple iOS and Android Play Stores).  Remmie PRO is available now and can be purchased from,

Continuing the technical and design innovation, Remmie PRO is Remmie Health’s 3rd product release within the last 2 years and 2nd within 6 months.  Remmie PRO for providers complements Remmie “Dolphin” for home based use.   

Building on the success of the Remmie “Dolphin” for home users, Remmie PRO enables enhanced diagnosis and treatment of ENT conditions at the sites of care, including in community clinics, nurse stations at work and at schools, and local pharmacies. With the Remmie PRO, providers can now coordinate care, relay symptoms data to be included in the patient's chart/EMR, and treat common ENT conditions in a more streamlined and connected workflow. 

“The Remmie PRO supports healthcare providers to better engage with their patients by sharing and recording live views, images & videos, and to upload or stream their symptoms to a virtual care physician, leading to a diagnosis, prescription, and immediate relief. We look forward to empowering millions of healthcare providers and patients with our support and integration into remote care. With Remmie PRO and Remmie ‘Dolphin’, Remmie Health fills the gap in ear, nose, and throat care coordination from homes and community sites of care to specialty care. It's a big leap towards solving the pain point of repeated in-person visits, sometimes ER visits, for examining common ENT conditions, adults and children,” stated Remmie Health CEO Jane Zhang, Ph.D/MBA. 

About Remmie Health

Remmie Health delivers the next generation of ear, nose, and throat care, for easier, accessible diagnosis, timely intervention, and exceptional patient care.  The Remmie solution suite includes a digital otoscope kit, APIs to link with telehealth and e-health provider platforms, a pipeline ML/AI diagnosis assistance engine, and now a digital otoscope kit designed for medically trained healthcare professionals.

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