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PM Telemedicine expands partnership with Remmie Health to provide Remmie otoscopes to schools and camps

by Remmie Health 09 Mar 2023


PM Telemedicine is offered by PM Pediatric Care, a leading national pediatric urgent care service for 82 locations across 16 states, serving 4 million patients. PM Telemedicine has chosen Remmie Health as a Partner because of Remmie otoscope's low cost, ease of use, simplicity, and simple integration with PM Pediatric’s own telemedicine software. 

PM Telemedicine provides Remmie PRO otoscopes to schools and camps. Coupled with a mobile iPad, nurses can link with PM Telemedicine physicians for virtual visits, and also transmit symptom images asynchronously from the Remmie otoscope, so that remote physicians could diagnose based on the symptoms provided.

In 2022, our partnership program launched in 6 Texas schools and 2 summer camps with connected care to PM Telemedicine, leading to parents saving time and in-person trips. PM Telemedicine benefited from broader patient panel from these peripheral locations.

Our collaboration continues to expand in 2023, with over additional sites in 3 States. 

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