Remmie Fi

Remmie Fi User Manual

Remmie Fi User Manual

Use Fi On Android

1. Download the Remmie Fi APP here
2. Connect the camera to your device through USB.
3. Open the app and you can take photos, videos, settings, etc.

Check the video below to see the detailed instruction for using Fi on Android phone.

In case you are using the Samsung Galaxy Phone which will block users from downloading anything from browsers. Here is the instruction you can follow to permit the phone to download from browsers:

Use Fi On Windows

For Windows 7/8/10: Please download [Endoscope camera] or [Amcap] from google or follow the link in the user manual.

For Win10 system you can also run with the [Windows Camera]: Search your computer for "Camera" and open it, flip for "back" camera to reveal images from the USB camera.

Use Fi On Mac

1. In the application directory of the Finder window, search for the Photo Booth Software
2.Connect the camera to the computer through usb interface
3.Open Photo Booth, and select "inskam203", then you can take photos, and videos.