Frequently Asked Questions

Is Remmie FDA approved?

Remmie Home Ear Monitor / Otoscope and Remmie Otoscope are a FDA Class 1 registered medical device and complies with FDA regulatory requirements 

Can I use Remmie on newborns?

Newborns and infants under 2 have delicate anatomy and untrained users should only inspect with professional supervision. 

How do I connect to telemedicine?

There are two ways to connect to telemedicine:  

  1. Through built-in telemedicine service in the Remmie App. By selecting “Talk to a doctor”, you will be directed to connect to one of our telemedicine service partners. You can choose between a pay-as-you-go plan or a monthly subscription. You will not be charged by Remmie and can change your plan any time. You’ll be able to upload symptoms collected with the Remmie monitor and share them prior to  video consultations. 
  2. For iOS users, you can use Zoom for real-time visualization in a video consultation with a health care provider.  Healthcare providers who use Zoom to provide medical care or to discuss patient data are required to use the HIPAA compliant version of Zoom. You should be given a meeting ID and password with which you could join a session. Please refer to Remmie’s user manual for instructions. 

I have a question. How do I reach customer service?

Please send all customer inquiries to, contact us, or schedule support for a time to connect with our technical representative team. A customer service representative will return your email or call within 24 hours. 

Is Remmie covered by insurance?

Remmie is currently not covered by insurance, but telemedicine services may be. Please refer to our service providers’ terms and your insurance coverage for details. 

What is the general price for a telemedicine visit?  What do you mean by credit?

Telemedicine visits with cash payment on an urgent care (pay-as-you-go) basis is $50 with CareClix, and monthly subscription is $29.95 with MyTelemedicine. PM Pediatrics provides urgent care to kids and young adults 8am-12am daily across 15 states. Our partners are working on accepting major insurance for telemedicine visits so the costs may vary from cash payments. Remmie will not charge for telemedicine visits and provides discount with these partners. 

Where do I get the app? 

Search “remmie” in Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Download for iOS/Apple products:

Download for Android/Google Play products:

Who are the telemedicine doctors you are connecting me with?  

The Remmie App connects users with board-certified healthcare providers on the CareClix, MyTelemedicine, and PM Pediatrics platforms. The users can select the available providers, wait in line, make an appointment, or receive a call back for a video consultation. The typical wait time could be as short as 20 minutes. 

Can I send info to my kids doctor? 

You’ll be able to use Remmie to communicate with your children’s providers if they are using Zoom or are contract providers on CareClix or MyTelemedicine. For all other providers, you’ll be able to upload prior to a virtual visit using your doctor’s preferred telemedicine platform. We continue to expand our provider coverage and partnership and are aiming to enable the connection between you and your provider in the future if they are not part of our partner networks.

How does it work? (provide written instructions, not just video) 

For video instructions, please visit our Youtube channel at Our user manual is also available online.

What’s the scope that Remmie can cover? (ex. symptom tracking, talking to a doctor, medical consultations… but not official diagnose) 

Remmie is applicable to household ear, nose, and throat symptom visualization and sharing for telemedicine consultations. For home use, it helps users with preliminary observations of symptoms related to but not limited to: ear infection, common cold, flu, sinusitis, allergy, pharyngitis, strep throat, sore throat, pink eye, hand-foot-mouth disease, and some toothache. The telemedicine connection included in the Remmie App allows requesting of a video consultation with a healthcare provider on telemedicine partner platforms. Providers will consult, diagnose and prescribe as necessary. 

What’s included in the box? What’s coming with the monitor? 

What’s included in the box are the Remmie monitor, the disposable specula, charging base, USB charging wire and adapters, and alcohol wipes for sterilization. The Remmie App is available for download for iOS and Android at 

Download for iOS/Apple products: 

Download for Android/Google Play products:

What is the diameter of the camera tips?

3.7mm, good for both adults and children

Would it work with iphoneXX/Androidxxx/ipad/macbook?

Yes, currently supporting all mobile products below:

iPhone: Requires iOS 13.2 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 13.2 or later.
Android devices: Android 8+

Would I be able to identify the ear infection with this one?

We do not offer medical advise and urge users to share symptoms with a board-certified professional to identify or diagnose infections.  


What’s your refund policy? 

Due to the nature of the medical device your transaction is final and you will not be able to cancel the transaction and/or receive a refund of your one-time payment at any time. But if something unexpected happens in the course of completing a Transaction, we reserve the right to cancel your Transaction for any reason; if we cancel your Transaction, we’ll refund any payment you have already remitted to us for such Transaction. 

Remmie offers a one (1) year warranty on the Device, pursuant to which Remmie warrants that the Device will materially conform to its specifications as provided to you in writing upon occurrence of the Transaction and that it will be free of material defects in materials and workmanship. If a Device is determined by Remmie to be defective during a 12-month period following completion of the Transaction (the “Warranty Period”), Remmie shall, at its option, repair or replace the Device free of charge to you. In the event Remmie cannot repair or replace a Device determined to be defective during the Warranty Period, Remmie will refund the amount of the original purchase price (plus any applicable taxes) upon receipt of proof of purchase. 

To exercise the above-stated warranty, you must submit a warranty claim by email to Remmie, Inc. at during the Warranty Period and within ten (10) days following the discovery of the defect. In addition, the Device must be returned to Remmie in accordance with the instructions provided at the time the claim is made. 

This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

  • This warranty is valid only if the sticker at the bottom of the Device is present indicating the serial number and manufacturing details. 
  • Remmie is not responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the use of the Device. 
  • Users shall be responsible for proper maintenance and handling of the Device.
  • No warranty is extended if the Device has been altered or modified in any way. 
  • No warranty is extended to any Device that has been misused or damaged.
  • This warranty does not include problems or product malfunctions caused as a result of the User’s acts (or failure to act), the acts of others, User’s non-compliance with these Terms or events beyond Remmie’s reasonable control.