Is Remmie FDA approved?  

Remmie Home Ear Monitor / Otoscope and Remmie Otoscope are a FDA Class 1 registered medical device and complies with FDA regulatory requirements 

Can I use Remmie on newborns?

Newborns and infants under 2 have delicate anatomy and untrained users should only inspect with professional supervision. 

How do I connect to telemedicine?

There are two ways to connect to telemedicine: Through built-in telemedicine service in the Remmie App. By selecting “Talk to a doctor”, you will be directed to connect to one of our telemedicine service partners. You can choose between a pay-as-you-go plan or a monthly subscription. You will not be charged by Remmie and can change your plan any time. You’ll be able to upload symptoms collected with the Remmie monitor and share them prior to video consultations. For iOS users, you can use Zoom for real-time visualization in a video consultation with a health care provider. Healthcare providers who use Zoom to provide medical care or to discuss patient data are required to use the HIPAA compliant version of Zoom. You should be given a meeting ID and password with which you could join a session. Please refer to Remmie’s user manual for instructions. 

How do I reach customer service?

Please send all customer inquiries to, contact us, or schedule support for a time to connect with our technical representative team. A customer service representative will return your email or call within 24 hours. 

Is Remmie covered by insurance?

Remmie is currently not covered by insurance, but telemedicine services may be. Please refer to our service providers’ terms and your insurance coverage for details. 

What is the general price for a telemedicine visit? What do you mean by credit?

Telemedicine visits with cash payment on an urgent care (pay-as-you-go) basis is $50 with CareClix, and monthly subscription is $29.95 with MyTelemedicine. PM Pediatrics provides urgent care to kids and young adults 8am-12am daily across 15 states. Our partners are working on accepting major insurance for telemedicine visits so the costs may vary from cash payments. Remmie will not charge for telemedicine visits and provides discount with these partners. 

Who are the telemedicine doctors you are connecting me with?  

The Remmie App connects users with board-certified healthcare providers on the CareClix, MyTelemedicine, and PM Pediatrics platforms. The users can select the available providers, wait in line, make an appointment, or receive a call back for a video consultation. The typical wait time could be as short as 20 minutes.   

Can I send info to my kids doctor? 

You’ll be able to use Remmie to communicate with your children’s providers if they are using Zoom or are contract providers on CareClix or MyTelemedicine. For all other providers, you’ll be able to upload prior to a virtual visit using your doctor’s preferred telemedicine platform. We continue to expand our provider coverage and partnership and are aiming to enable the connection between you and your provider in the future if they are not part of our partner networks.

How does it work? 

For video instructions, please visit our Youtube channel at Our user manual is also available online.

What’s the scope that Remmie can cover?

Remmie is applicable to household ear, nose, and throat symptom visualization and sharing for telemedicine consultations. For home use, it helps users with preliminary observations of symptoms related to but not limited to: ear infection, common cold, flu, sinusitis, allergy, pharyngitis, strep throat, sore throat, pink eye, hand-foot-mouth disease, and some toothache. The telemedicine connection included in the Remmie App allows requesting of a video consultation with a healthcare provider on telemedicine partner platforms. Providers will consult, diagnose and prescribe as necessary. 

What’s included in the box? What’s coming with the monitor? 

What’s included in the box are the Remmie monitor, the disposable specula, charging base, USB charging wire and adapters, and alcohol wipes for sterilization. The Remmie App is available for download for iOS and Android

What is the diameter of the camera tips?

3.7mm, good for both adults and children

Would it work with iphoneXX/Androidxxx/ipad/macbook?

Yes, currently supporting all mobile products below: iPhone: Requires iOS 13.2 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 13.2 or later. Android devices: Android 8+

Would I be able to identify the ear infection with this one?

We do not offer medical advise and urge users to share symptoms with a board-certified professional to identify or diagnose infections.  


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Can you use other paper or only the pieces provided?

No, otoscope cannot be used for the eye, it only be used only for ear nose and throat. This is the FDA site listing the product classification our products fall into. Pink eye symptoms are often reflected in the ear and throat.  

How is the information of the person using the device stored and is it secure?

Information is stored in the physician memory “photo gallery” of the phone/tablet that patients use, along with all photos taken with the phone/tablet.

Information is stored in the physician memory “photo gallery” of the phone/tablet that patients use, along with all photos taken with the phone/tablet.

We recommend the “Remmie PRO on App Store” and "Remmie PRO on Play Google Store" App be used without creating an account. Any user can use the product and save records in the phone/tablet’s photo gallery and decide what to do on their own. 

We understand the device requires to be charged using a USB cable. How long/ how many times can one use it with a single charge?

With a single full charge, it could last for approximately 15 times of 5 min per use. We recommend a full battery charge and thorough alcohol wipe cleaning of the lens before each use.

The images appear blurry, is that a defect?

Oil, finger touch or dust could result in dirty lens and blurry images. We request the users perform a thorough alcohol wipe of the lens at the tip of the white LED before EACH use. Image quality is something we are proud of, at the focal length (approximately 1 cm within the object to be imaged) and with a clean lens, images should appear very clear. Please reach support at if you still get a blurry image after cleaning the lens. 

I'm using Remmie PRO on an iPAD and every time I click on "Connect", the App crashes, the same issue does not occur on the iPhone, what is the cause?

We had discovered if you disable the location feature in the settings for the Remmie Pro, the APP will crash after clicking on the “Connect” button. The location service is required for the Remmie Pro to locate the otoscope and connect to it automatically. Please check on the Location settings in the iPad Settings - Location must be configured to “While Using”. Please reach support at if you still see App crashing after turning on the Location Settings.

How many disposable specula are provided in each pack and in case if one needs to buy only the specula, is that possible? And how many times can a single specula be used before disposing it off?  

Current Remmie PRO package provides 25 specula per Box. Specula can be re-ordered from the Remmie Website for bags of 10/pack: We recommend single use disposal of the specula.

In case the ear pain is caused due to accumulation of excess wax in the ear, is the device designed to remove the wax or only helps with the diagnosis? 

No, physicians do not recommend removing ear wax with any rigid object in the ear. Remmie PRO is an otoscope for assisting diagnosis, and not meant to be a wax removal tool. Patients should consult a physician for wax removal. Over the counter recommendation is typically an oil or a wash, NEVER a wax pick tool for consumers.

Are there any reviews of users of Remmie Health available that can be shared with us?

We have a few reviews on the Amazon or Remmie website. Any complaints on Amazon about connection is resolved in the Remmie PRO where it’s now streamlined and much improved.

Does the otoscope also help in the detection of thyroid?

It should be used the same as how doctors use an otoscope. Detection of specific disease is a physician’s decision, if using an otoscope is part of the examination required by the physicians, then Remmie could be used in place.

How deep into the ear/ throat can the otoscope be inserted safely?

The depth is typically 0.5-0.8mm depending on the size of the individual anatomy, before the specula’s cone width would be wider than the ear canal and blocking any forward motion deeper in. The focal length of the lens is 1cm, so the otoscope should never touch the eardrum of any sensitive tissue in the ENT.

What is the material used to make the device and the specula?

Housing of the otoscope is ABS plastic. Specula is Thermo-plastic elastomer rubber 85°