Keep Your Child's Ear Health in Mind When They Dive into Pool

Kennedy Smith 0 Comments

Water in the ears can lead to discomfort or infections, so wearing swim caps or earplugs and tilting the head after swimming can help prevent this. Ear infections are common in children who spend a lot of time in pools, and signs include pain, itching, swelling, and fluid drainage. Prompt medical attention is necessary...
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My 3-Part Story Of My Son's Battle With Ear Infections (Part 1)

Jane Zhang 0 Comments

It’s 3 am, and my 2-yr-old son woke up again, crying with a fever while tugging his ear. This was just one of many sleepless nights after I started sending him to childcare. This happened to coincide with the time that I started a high-stress job. After speaking with many parents, I decided to...
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