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Remmie Health Releases Second-Generation Product-Remmie Dolphin

by Remmie Health 09 Jun 2022
Alia Levi, Content Marketing Specialist
Remmie Health
[Seattle, WA, June 14, 2021] Remmie Health, a telehealth technology company that supports virtual care for low and common acuity affecting the ear, nose, and throat for adults and children, has released its second generation FDA-Registered ENT Monitor, Remmie Dolphin. With the same build and imaging quality from the first-generation product, Remmie Dolphin can now be connected as a part of your smart home and your medicine cabinet.
In addition to the Dolphin, RemmieCare is now available for purchase with the device. RemmieCare provides unlimited technical support from the Remmie Team and 60 days warranty of replacement for accidental damage on Remmie Dolphin.
The Accompanying Remmie App now lets patients connect in real-time with medical professionals through telemedicine appointments. Remmie Dolphin can be connected on the same internet connection as the telemedicine platform.
Remmie Health expects to continue to provide reliable and stable telemedicine services to its customers by utilizing the services of its trusted partners: MyTelemedicine, CareClix, Anytime Pediatrics and PM Pediatrics.
The Remmie Dolphin is available for purchase through the Remmie Health website:
CEO Jane Zhang says, “The Remmie Dolphin fills the gap in ear, nose, and throat home care. It's a big leap towards solving the pain point of repeated in-person visits, sometimes ED visits, for examining common ENT conditions, adults and children. The Remmie Dolphin connects users to upload or stream their symptoms to a virtual care physician, leading to a possible diagnosis, prescription, and instant relief. We look forward to empowering millions of home users and providers of telemedicine with our support and integration into remote care.”
About Remmie Health
Empower Remote Health and Enhance Telemedicine
Here at Remmie, we help families and individuals play a more active role in their health and transform primary care by putting digital tools into their hands. We use technology to target the most common reason adults and children go to the doctor's office. ear, nose and throat symptoms.
We are passionate about empowering homeusers to evaluate these symptoms at home, and providing telemedicine doctors with a precise view of their patients’ symptoms and improving diagnostic accuracy.  We provide a two-part solution: an at-home digital monitor that allows families to visualize ENT (ear, nose, throat) symptoms, and an App that tracks symptoms, images, videos, and also includes a direct link to share with a  healthcare provider through telemedicine.
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