Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home
Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home
Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home
Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home
Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home
Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home
Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home
Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home

Remmie Dolphin (Remmie 2) for the Home

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FSA eligibleFDA registeredHIPAA compliant recommended by pediatricians


Ear infection? Sore throat? sinus infection? Skip the in-person urgent care & get remote treatment at home 24/7 on-demand telemedicine with Remmie Home Ear Monitor Camera Scope / Otoscope. The Remmie Dolphin connects with your private residential Internet network for secure and concurrent e-care sessions, and enables record saving and tracking in your own account in the Remmie App regardless of mobile devices. We provide a selection of telemedicine services for you to connect to 24/7 in 50 States on-demand. These services are provided independent of Remmie. 

Signs and symptoms of the ear, nose, and throat can tell you a lot about your state of health. Our high-quality digital Remmie Home Ear Monitor Camera Scope / Otoscope is accessible for at-home use to empower patients and is a must-have addition to every medicine cupboard. Remmie makes it easier and more convenient to connect with real-time clinicians on our partner's platform 24/7 and schedule an appointment, all in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Remmie Home Ear Monitor Camera Scope / Otoscope with LED light is an FDA-registered otoscope with a 1080P Wireless WiFi Ear Camera making ear, nose, and throat self-examination possible. It was designed for home users to receive professional evaluations of ENT (ear, nose, throat) symptoms through telemedicine visits.

The Remmie Home Ear Monitor Camera Scope / Otoscope comes with a downloadable app for you to connect 24/7 on-demand live video streaming with a doctor. It can be used for kids and adults, and it is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.  Best supported brands and models:

  • iOS
    • iPhone X – iOS 15.6, iOS 15.4.1 and iOS 14.6
    • iPhone 11 – iOS 15.6 and iOS 14.8.1
    • iPhone 6S – iOS 15.6.1
    • iPad 9 – ipadOS 15.4
  • Android
    • Samsung S10+ – Android v11, V12
    • Samsung S22+ – Android v12
    • Samsung Galaxy M01 – Android v10
    • Samsung A7 tab – Android v12
    • Asus Chromebook – Android v11

Download the Remmie App (NOT compatible with the Remmie 3 App)

Remmie App iOS


Remmie App Android



Partnered with 


Board-certified PCP/Internaist/Pediatricians serving households up to size of 8, age older than 2, in 50 states, 24/7.

Use "RemmieLaunch" code for a discount off newly-registered monthly services.


Largest pediatric urgent care provider in the US, both virtually and clinics in 15 states. Waiting time is usually very short. 


Single-Sign-On to the country's top virtual care provider serving millions of patients. Serving Remmie customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


Trusted Pediatricians dedicated to your children's health. Use "anytimepediatrics" as telehealth provider ID upon Remmie App registration to visit your Anytime Pediatrics network providers. 



AiTmed allows providers to communicate instantly with each other through a blockchain secured, HIPAA compliant portal. Use "aitmed" as telehealth provider ID upon Remmie App registration to visit your AiTmed network providers. 


  • Viewing symptoms causing the discomfort with an FDA-registered clinical-grade product at home.
  • 24/7 medical exams and prescriptions from the comfort of home
  • Remmie App provides a live view of your ear, nose, or throat symptoms
  • Real-time images, and videos to share with a live doctor 
  • High-resolution ultra-thin portable otoscope with 3.7mm camera tip
  • Dual-mode connection: both with home router in a private residential Internet network and directly pairing with a mobile device Wi-Fi in places without Internet.
  • Disposable specula
  • 80 FOV IOS and Android compatible
  • Video streaming up to 30 fps 0.3 MPixel
  • Bright LED light
  • Unique capability to connect as a part of your smart home
  • Simultaneous connectivity to multiple devices
  • Remmie Health Dolphin is an FDA-compliant device
  • 30-days satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited 12-months warranty on the otoscope

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