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How Common Are Ear Infections?

While people of all ages are susceptible to ear infections, children are prime candidates for contraction. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 5 out of 6 children will experience an ear infection by their third birthday. Middle ear infections (Otitis Media) are the most common cause for pediatric visits and hearing damage for youngsters. With developing immune systems and narrower ear tubes, children are also more prone to experience chronic cases.

What Are The Symptoms Of Ear Infections?

Ear infections often arrive in an ambush and symptoms will progress rapidly. A primary indicator of infection is prominent ear pain, especially while lying down or applying pressure. This initial sickness signal can quickly develop into loss of sleep, trouble hearing, loss of appetite, loss of balance and drainage of ear fluid. In worst cases, infections can escalate from mild headaches into fevers of 100 °F (38 °C) or higher.

How Can You Prevent Ear Infections?

Practicing simple routine hygienics like regular handwashing can easily eradicate bacteria, preventing preliminary colds and flus that can cause ear infections. Annual vaccinations during seasonal sickness surges can also provide an added boost to your child’s fragile immune system. Additionally, avoiding secondhand smoke allows for clean air to consistently circulate through your child’s delicate ear canals. Finally, breastfeeding can nourish your child with antibodies to protect them from various illnesses including ear infections.

What Is An Otoscope?

Otoscopes are medical tools that allow doctors to visualize and inspect the condition of the eardrum and ear canal. The device’s narrow magnifying lens and light source allow for easy in-depth examination of troublesome ear related symptoms. The gadget is primarily used to detect ear-related illnesses, including otitis media and otitis externa, but can also observe nose and throat trouble spots.

What Is A Smartphone Otoscope?

While traditional otoscopes utilize a magnifying lens and external light sources, smart otoscopes can thoroughly examine ENT (ear,nose and throat) areas with hi-definition cameras and built-in light sources. Smart otoscopes can also connect to devices via accompanying apps for uploading, observing and archiving all captured photographs or videos. Furthermore, innovative telemedicine features allow users to virtually transmit photographed symptoms to digital doctors, negating in-person visits during an era of COVID caution.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Smartphone Otoscope?

Smart otoscopes have the ability to capture pictures and video of the ear canal, providing in-depth visualization of sensitive areas. This feature can help medical professionals make a confident diagnosis, compare infection development, prescribe appropriate medication and track treatment effectiveness. Remote accessibility with telemedicine features also allows for complete portable convenience during pediatric emergencies and chronic cases of ear infections.

Remmie in the News

Inspired by son’s health issues, Seattle entrepreneur launches at-home ear-nose-throat monitor

Despite extra attention on hygiene and eating healthy, Zhang’s 2-year-old son was constantly getting ear infections and catching the common cold after starting childcare. He was forced to go through multiple rounds of antibiotics, several misdiagnoses, and many hours inside various doctor’s offices.
With a background in biomedical engineering and healthcare product R&D, Zhang began tinkering away in her garage. She wanted access to an ear-nose-throat (ENT) tool, similar to a otoscope used in doctor’s offices for decades, but one that could be used by parents inside their own home.

Growing a start-up in the midst of a pandemic

Founders Jane Zhang and Zaris Shen remain positive as the product is showing strong signs of success. Four healthcare organizations intend to pilot the device, and several dozens of users are testing the device and app and are providing feedback to Remmie. Jane and Zaris have also leveraged their UCLA and University of Washington advisors in preparing for their Fall 2020 launch; using the UCLA network to promote the product within the physician community and creating a larger digital presence amongst retailers in hopes of creating a D2C waitlist.

Sick Son Motivates Mom to Create New Health Care App

Zhang, a Seattle resident and founder of telemedicine startup Remmie Health, will debut her FDA registered ear-nose-throat monitor and a matching app that connects patients with health care professionals without leaving their homes. The app and monitor can help patients track their symptoms in real-time and share them with a professional immediately. Remmie Health will release the products Sept. 30.

Ear infections: A new tool to help parents cope

A local scientist/mom has created a device she believes will save families time, money, and frustration when dealing with ear infections common in young kids.

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