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Inspired by son’s health issues, Seattle entrepreneur launches at-home ear-nose-throat monitor

Despite extra attention on hygiene and eating healthy, Zhang’s 2-year-old son was constantly getting ear infections and catching the common cold after starting childcare. He was forced to go through multiple rounds of antibiotics, several misdiagnoses, and many hours inside various doctor’s offices.
With a background in biomedical engineering and healthcare product R&D, Zhang began tinkering away in her garage. She wanted access to an ear-nose-throat (ENT) tool, similar to a otoscope used in doctor’s offices for decades, but one that could be used by parents inside their own home.

Growing a start-up in the midst of a pandemic

Founders Jane Zhang and Zaris Shen remain positive as the product is showing strong signs of success. Four healthcare organizations intend to pilot the device, and several dozens of users are testing the device and app and are providing feedback to Remmie. Jane and Zaris have also leveraged their UCLA and University of Washington advisors in preparing for their Fall 2020 launch; using the UCLA network to promote the product within the physician community and creating a larger digital presence amongst retailers in hopes of creating a D2C waitlist.